New Ultimaker Extruder


This post ist the documentation of the development of a new extruder-unit for the ulitmaker 3D Printer.

The one that is currently in use seems to have some problems with the soft ABS-material.
The little diameter of the extruder bolt often digs in the ABS and in result, the material-flow stops.

The new concept has three new approaches:
– a big (60-80 mm) transport-weel-diameter could solve the “digging-in” problem.
– sharp cutter-blades cut into the abs without big resistance but give good grip.
– a worm-drive gives a good transmission in a small package.

currently the transmission is not big enough and results in missing motor-steps.
But a solution to that problem is on the way.

*** UPDATE – 3.7.11 ***

I changed some elements of the first design, the ratio is now the same as the original extruder, but with a much bigger  transport weel (and very sharp  cutter teeth).

It seems to work very smoth (a little WD40 was needed…) with a lot of power. The usual “digging in” did not happen yet!

I also added a fast-lock-mechanism.

*** UPDATE 2 – 16.7.11 ***

We ad some new featues!

– Super easy to use 3-step clamp
– Improved Cabel-Guide
– Acrylic Gears, Now you can see what’s going-on in the extruder!
– improved Worm-drive- Axis

Plans and Description will follow soon!

PDF Plans for the Concept: EXTRUDER_25.6.2011

  27 Jun , 2011


9 Responses

  1. Track Bids sagt:


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  2. Bastian sagt:

    Impressive work! Are you going to sell this extruder in the future? :-)

    • Jay sagt:

      a great design.

      is there some development done on this lately.

      i would love to upgrade min extruder im not satisfied with it.

  3. Florian sagt:

    Great work guys!

    You should really publish/promote your work on the Ultimaker mailing list ( Just read there about your extruder mod – never heard of you before!

    I think the community would appreciate your input! People are starting to ask questions about it ;) Probably you want to answer them:


    • Roman Jurt sagt:

      Hi Florian

      Thank’s for your post!

      I know about the google group ;) and Ramun is already in it.
      We have a meeting this week where we build another 4 extruders. and then i can post the first good working version in the group!


      • Florian sagt:

        Thanks Ramon!

        Just realized that several of you are already present :) I’m really looking forward to follow your progress!

        I wish there was a fablab near Bayreuth… seems to be an awesome place to create cool stuff.


  4. ticapix sagt:


    does this new design solve (even a bit) the reversal problem that people have with ultimaker ?

    • Roman Jurt sagt:

      when you mean a sudden fast reversal – this is a software bug.
      with the knowledge of 3 or 4 small testprints so far, the mechanism itself seems to be reliable.

    • Jensa sagt:

      Hi guys,
      Just though that I should add that this problem is not specific to the Ultimaker. It’s a general problem and many are working on solving it.

      This looks like a great idea and I look forward to following the progress!


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