New Ultimaker Extruder


This post ist the documentation of the development of a new extruder-unit for the ulitmaker 3D Printer.

The one that is currently in use seems to have some problems with the soft ABS-material.
The little diameter of the extruder bolt often digs in the ABS and in result, the material-flow stops.

The new concept has three new approaches:
– a big (60-80 mm) transport-weel-diameter could solve the “digging-in” problem.
– sharp cutter-blades cut into the abs without big resistance but give good grip.
– a worm-drive gives a good transmission in a small package.

currently the transmission is not big enough and results in missing motor-steps.
But a solution to that problem is on the way.

*** UPDATE – 3.7.11 ***

I changed some elements of the first design, the ratio is now the same as the original extruder, but with a much bigger  transport weel (and very sharp  cutter teeth).

It seems to work very smoth (a little WD40 was needed…) with a lot of power. The usual “digging in” did not happen yet!

I also added a fast-lock-mechanism.

*** UPDATE 2 – 16.7.11 ***

We ad some new featues!

– Super easy to use 3-step clamp
– Improved Cabel-Guide
– Acrylic Gears, Now you can see what’s going-on in the extruder!
– improved Worm-drive- Axis

Plans and Description will follow soon!

PDF Plans for the Concept: EXTRUDER_25.6.2011

  27 Jun , 2011


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