In tiefer Trauer nehmen wir Abschied von Simone Schweikert, der Initiatorin und treibenden Kraft hinter dem FabLab Luzern.
Unsere aufrechte Anteilnahme ist mit ihren Familienangehörigen.

Simone, Du wirst uns fehlen.

We have the sad duty to inform you, that Simone Schweikert, initiator of and driving force behind our FabLab Luzern, died last Sunday. Since autumn 2008 she knew that cancer was attacking her body – and until last weekend she kept on fighting against it. Our condolences and best wishes go out to her family, her husband Giorgio and their two kids.

Simone, we will miss you.

  30 Jan , 2011


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  1. Giorgio sagt:

    Es rührt mich sehr, all diese Voten der aufrichtigen Wertschätzung für Simone und ihre Arbeit zu lesen. Herzlichen Dank.

    Nach wie vor ist es für mich sehr traurig, dass Simone gehen musste. Sie lebt jedoch in ihren Ideen, in Chiara, Paolo und mir.

    WIRF DEN STEIN VON HEUTE WEG. Vergiss und schlafe. Wenn er Licht ist, wirst du ihn morgen wieder finden, zur Dämmerzeit, in Sonne verwandelt. Juan Ramón Jiménez

  2. Sherry Lassiter sagt:

    Thank you Simone for this wonderful legacy. Many will b benefit from your work and energetic efforts. I know many will miss you. Much love from the fab lab family to Simone’s loved ones.

  3. Lutz Wolf sagt:

    Wenn ein so besonderer Mensch geht, hinterläßt er Vermächtnisse; für die Kollegen, für die Freunde, besonders aber für die Angehörigen, die es jetzt am schwersten haben. Sie müssen dieses Vermächtnis erfüllen, indem sie so leben, wie SIE es sich gewünscht hat.

    Hoffentlich gibt es Freunde, die helfen, und so ihren Teil des Vermächtnisses tragen.

  4. Manon van Leeuwen sagt:

    The world is less innovative and creative place without Simone.

  5. Simones Enthusiasmus, Intelligenz und Hartnäckigkeit haben bleibende Fussabdrücke hinterlassen. Auch meine Arbeit hat sie beeinflusst auf eine Art, die ihr vielleicht nicht einmal bewusst war. Die vielen tollen Gespräche beim Abholen der Kinder von der Krippe haben mir nicht nur eine neue Freundin gebracht, sondern auch neue Forschungsfragen. Liebe Simone, wir vermissen Dich alle so sehr.

  6. You Simone, you were so energetic, a real source of inspiration, of courage, you’ve succeeded to leave so many living traces behind you, thank you for your friendship that I will keep in my memory forever.

  7. Stefan Jung sagt:

    Lass warm und still die Kerzen heute flammen,
    Die du in unsre Dunkelheit gebracht.
    Führ, wenn es sein kann, wieder uns zusammen.
    Wir wissen es, dein Licht scheint in der Nacht.

    Wenn sich die Stille nun tief um uns breitet,
    So lass uns hören jenen vollen Klang
    Der Welt, die unsichtbar sich um uns weitet,
    All deiner Kinder hohen Lobgesang.

    Von guten Mächten wunderbar geborgen,
    Erwarten wir getrost, was kommen mag.
    Gott ist mit uns am Abend und am Morgen
    Und ganz gewiss an jedem neuen Tag.

    [Dietrich Bonhoeffer]

    Simone, we will miss you!

  8. Harry Boer sagt:

    Our thoughts are with Simone’s family, relatives and friends. She was very much present at, and contributed greatly to the success of, last year’s CINet conference. We thank her for that and will remember her great personality.

    Harry Boer (on behalf of CINet)

  9. Neil Gershenfeld sagt:

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news, but grateful for what you’ve accomplished that will live on in your memory.


  10. Dear Simone,
    thank you for your inspiration and enthusiasm! I wish your family strength…

    my haiku for you:

    Genetic transfer
    Stories, experiences
    Life is eternal


  11. Aino Kianto sagt:

    I heard the sad news about Simone passing away and wish to express my condolences foremost to her family, but also her friends and colleagues. On the other hand also I would like to congratulate you – us – for having had the happiness of knowing her. From the little I knew her, she was a wise, brave and kind woman who probably died with more courage than most of us dear to live. What she taught with her way of being will live on in everyone she inspired.

  12. Romy Bohnenblust sagt:

    Dear Simone,
    I had the chance to meet you 3 years ago; what started as a business relation became a friendship. I have learned so many things from you, you always had an open ear. You will be missed in many occasions – our respect for your achievements will remain! Thank you for everything we had time to share.


  13. Kulwant Pawar sagt:

    I am deeply shocked and saddened by the untimely and unexpected departure of Simone. This news has come as a total shock and surprise despite acknowledging that Simone was fighting a losing battle with cancer. When we last met, in June 2010 during the ICE conference, I honestly felt that Simone was on the road to full recovery.

    I feel very upset and saddened by the loss of a wonderful friend, colleague and a caring and affectionate human being. My thoughts are with Simone’s husband and the children she leaves behind and I am sure they are devastated to lose such a wonderful, kind, warm and loving person like Simone.

    I am extremely fortunate and honoured to have known and worked with Simone. She was a true professional, a good friend, with a charming personality and above all kind and big heart; there will always be a special place in my heart Simone for the rest of my life.

    Lots of Love

    Kul Pawar

  14. Ton Zijlstra sagt:

    Today I heard the very sad news.
    As board member for the FabLab Foundation BeNeLux, I would like to extend my condolences to her family and friends on behalf of all the Dutch and Belgian FabLabs.

    I never met Simone in person, but felt her presence as driving force behind the FabLab Luzern clearly in the wider network. I am very sorry that now that the opening of the FabLab Luzern is so near, she won’t be able to celebrate the moment.

    I wish her husband and children, as well as all others that stood near her, lots of strength.

  15. Kristina Lauche sagt:

    Ich habe viel von Dir gehört, auch wenn wir uns nie begegnet sind, und Deinen Kampf bewundert gegen die Windmühlen der Bürokratie, für fruchtbare interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit – und gegen den Krebs. Ich finde es unendlich traurig, dass Du die Eröffnung des FabLab Luzern nicht mehr miterleben kannst. Möge es gelingen, die Arbeit in Deinem Sinne fortzusetzen!

    Giorgio und den Kindern wünsche ich viel Kraft.

  16. wendelin sagt:

    oh Simone,

    rereading your last emails and remembering our talks,
    your painful absence is fully present…
    Knowing you made a difference as much as what you did….

    Danke fuer alles!


  17. Jens Meissner sagt:

    Dear Simone,

    two days after you have passed away, I really start missing you. Thanks for having been the butterfly crossing organizational borders (or: flying over giant walls). ;-)

    However, you achieved your aim: with CreaLab you brought something into the world, that really matters.


  18. Liebe Simone
    Wenn Innovation und Kreativität bei uns an der Hochschule Luzern einen Namen hat, dann ist es auch dein Name. Du hast viel in die Welt gebracht und viele von uns gefragt “was bringst du in die Welt”? Du hast uns gefordert! Schau ab und zu als Schutzengel zu uns.

  19. Liebe Frau Schweikert

    Bestürzt habe ich die Nachricht von Ihrem Tod vernommen. Unser Kontakt war bisher nur virtueller Natur, schon lange wollte ich sie persönlich kennen lernen. Nun ist es anders gekommen.
    Ich bedaure dies sehr und werde Sie in bester Erinnerung behalten.

    Andreas Mäder

  20. Dear Simone,
    dear Friends from all over,

    Simone, you dedicated so much energy and effort to your visions and ideas. Even up to the last days. You inspired people within our instute and literally all over the globe. It is a great comfort to me to see how your values leave traces not only within our institute, but also with many many friens you made along your way. Friends that also became our friends. I thank you all for carrying on what Simone showed us. In doing this, dear friends, you make an important part of Simone immortal. Christoph

  21. Sami Kazi sagt:

    My Dear Simone,

    You were, are, and shall forever continue to be a source of inspiration and motivation. We had great fun together challenging each others ideas and looking towards planning and co-creating better futures for generations to come. You would be frutrated at times if things were taking too long, and then your eyes would sparkle with passion and energy as you found new ideas to make things fly.

    Rest in eternal peace my friend. We will always look up to you for passion, inspiration, motivation, and a willingness and commitment to get those things done that promise a better future for coming generations.

    Your idea bouncer and debater,

  22. Theo Wehner sagt:

    Liebe Simone Schweikert

    Ich habe Sie als offen und engagiert wahrgenommen, als jemand, der an unsere Hochschulen gehört, diese befruchtet hat und sicher auch jene, die bleiben können, positiv beeinflusste: Mögen wir helfen, Ihre Wünsche und Gedanken zu erfüllen!

    Theo (Wehner)

  23. Dear Simone,
    I knew you were fighting a battle with cancer and this news of your sadden departure makes me very sad.
    I think of your sparkling eyes. The same eyes and desire to play and smile that I saw in your fantastic children.
    Keep smiling, creating and looking for passionate ways to make this world a better place.

  24. Ron Dvir sagt:

    A train ride with Simone from Zurich to Luzern, perhaps two years ago, was an inspiring journey for me. Simone talked about her aspirations and dream about education, humanistic values, and also her professionals adventures. The passion, honesty, hope and bright eyes when Simone talked about things which matter for her in this train ride and many other opportunities will always inspire me. Simone was a noble woman in its deepest sense.

  25. Tunde Kallai sagt:

    Simone, you have lot of things to do with us…You managed us and we tried to be good listeners and followers of your excellent ideas, inspirations and instructions.. and now, please note our next workshop in your agenda.. which is 25th of February.. we count on you,and we can’t tell you: go on your own way, you must be with us for long long years..You have still lot of tasks with us..
    It will always be your presence here…

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